My pure friend, here is the first scientific vision for our mighty god, the only infinity large (∞) massless and mass universe body, no other.

His divine holy spirit logic of measurement is built on the difference between zero (0) and infinity small (Δ) accuracy, no other.

My philosophy and vision are based on the latest discoveries in all branches of science and belief in my first book, God Is Our Universe. As a start, here is my heart and soul in front of you in order to be pure as you are. 

god is our universe

Our god’s divine holy spirit code of logic was carried through Isis, Imhotep, the  good pharaohs, not the tyrant ones, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Muhammad, the American founding fathers, all the philosophers of science and art, all the queens and kings of Europe and the emperor of Japan, and so many leaders in the twenty-first century. They are all in the author’s soul, and Jesus is on the top of all by the logic of science not belief.

The educated intellectuals will discover that the visions and prophecies we inherited from Imhotep of the good pharaohs’ land, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto, Freemason, Mayan, Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vinci, Newton and so many others have some divine true messages after exploring my philosophy in my book, God Is Our Universe.       

I found out in my philosophy that our holy spirit infinity god is the divine savior and keeper of life for every single human and every unit of life energy in our universe. Our god welcomes every unit of life in his divine, massless and mass body universe, the mighty infinity large, to be his partner and friend.         

The pure philosophers of all branches of science and belief will discover when they read my book, God Is Our Universe, that the mighty divine logic of our god is built on the accuracy measurement of one infinity small unit of life (Δ) and zero (0) or 1.01010 to infinity small, large and between in order to guarantee that no single wave of energy will escape his divine justice, and his divine brain unit occupy one percent (1%) of our universe space-wise.

The waves coming out of the divine holy spirit's brain unit create new gravities of life energy everywhere in our universe; one single wave for each contains energy equal to one percent (1%) of the new unit of life.

Our universe (God) is the only mighty infinity small (Δ) and the only mighty infinity large (∞), no other.

Our philosophers of science will be able, with my philosophy and vision, to solve the mystery behind:

  1. The cosmological unknown number
  2. How His Mighty knows and counts our negative and positive feelings and actions
  3. Dark energy radiations, the empowering source of all four forces in our universe: gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear

In my book, God Is Our Universe, you will have the infinity answers through our sciences and beliefs to those questions, and you will find out the beautiful place for all our prophets and symbols of God in the answers.

As a summary of my discovery, I have found that the life energy feelings in every human being and every unit of life, whatever kind, size and stage, goes in four different directions representing 100 percent in every kind and stage of life energy feelings to infinity small, large and between.

The first one percent (1%) represents our divine holy spirit logic side divided into fifty percent on the soft energy divine side of creation (the womanhood side of gravity) and the other fifty percent on the strong energy divine side of evolution (the manhood side of gravity).

The other ninety-nine percent (99%) represents the creation and evolution process of any life energy outside of the divine logic unit and is divided between the following three directions: the mutual neutral direction in charge of womanhood and manhood (the electromagnetic forces), the positive direction of womanhood in charge (soft nuclear energy forces) and the negative direction of manhood in charge (strong nuclear energy forces).

Our universe is based on management, not termination, and who is in charge of managing others? Are the positive or negative forces in charge of managing the negative and positive forces to circulate their energy to positivity for all, including the opposite side or to positivity not for all but with exception?

Many of those discoveries established in my book, God Is Our Universe, will stand the test of time and space in the next trillion years. All that is required from us is not to be slaves to any thought and to have God-given freedom of expression’s right in nonphysical, nonviolent ways with no intention of hurting other humans.

Thank you my pure friends.

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